Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Cement Works

The Cement Works

Way back, probably about 3 years now I found a location that I wanted to shoot in, however I never quite got round to shooting there. A few weeks ago me and a couple of friends decided to go and explore there and this gave me the opportunity to see if it was actually as shoot worthy as it seemed on google maps haha. As it turned out it was and a couple of weeks later I met up with the lovely Caitlin for a little test shoot there. 

We met up last Friday and made our way to the old abandoned Shoreham Cement Works, it's an amazing location that is begging for photos. If you can stand breathing in possibly cancer causing dust then it's perfect! :D

And now as I am an incredibly efficient person (for a temporary time only I'm sure) here are the final images! :)

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