Friday, 30 May 2014

Beauxoxo at the Beach

Beauxoxo at the Beach

A couple of weeks back I met up with 
Georgie of Beauxoxo along with our model for the day Vanessa and make-up artist Nicole for a little shoot on the beach for the new stock on Georgie's shop for the summer. Paired with a pile of clothes from the wonderful Mod Dolly we began shooting and as we did the clouds disappeared and the sun came out!

Here are some of the final images! Be sure to check out the Beauxoxo website if you're interested in getting one of these headbands for yourself! :)

And some behind the scenes images too!

Model: Vanessa Tait
Make-up/hair: Nicole Taylor
Boutique: Georgie Beauxoxo
Clothing: Mod Dolly
Photography: Thomas Cole Simmonds

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Shoot that Witch

Shoot that Witch

For a couple of years now I've had a few locations in mind for shoots but never quite got round to getting anything up in order to best make use of them, however a few weeks ago I got in touch with the wonderful Shirly who I had worked with previously to help me out with putting the styling together for the shoot. A few mood boards later and an lots of work on Shirly's end we had a pile of clothes, a pile of locations and with a bit of social networking a pile of team. :P

As the locations and styling I had in mind for the shoot were so perfectly matched to the lovely Madeleine we asked her to work with us as well on this shoot, and I made my way to her flat in London a few Sunday's ago and met up with Madeleine and Shirly along with the amazing Irene (who did the make-up) and the fantastic Ronnie (who was in charge of hair styling).

After set up was done we hopped on a bus to our first location and began to shoot, unfortunately due to tube maintenance and slow buses we didn't quite manage to get to all the locations we wanted or shoot as many looks as we had originally planned too but as with London you can find a good place to shoot down practically every street and we ended our day with looks 3 and 4 around Wesminster. 

Here is a back of camera preview from one of the looks! Be sure to keep an eye out for the final images in a future blog post! :)

Be sure to follow the amazing team too!

Model: Madeleine Uitz @ M+P
Make-up: Irene Wang (Web)
Hair: Ronnie Woodard (FB)
Styling: Shirly Piperno
Photography: Thomas Cole Simmonds

Monday, 12 May 2014

Closet at Coworth

Closet at Coworth

Last Tuesday I had my second shoot for the brand Closet Clothing, and in line with the previous shoot this one was also at a hotel, albeit rather larger this time! I was up at 5am to make my way to the town to Sunningdale where I was greeted by a driver branding a sign with my name on it, he drove me to the hotel and I was escorted inside by the staff. I thought I was out of place in Notting Hill haha, this was even more peculiar - oh to be incredibly rich! :P

After finding my way to the room we were based in I met up with Ruth and Bryony who had put the shoot together and Irina our first model. And a few minutes later Hannah the make-up artist arrived! While the prep was being done I scouted the area for locations and after that we began shooting!

Gabrielle who was working with Closet was also there helping out with the shoot and taking behind the scenes photos for us, you can see her behind the scenes blog post over on their website here! :)

And towards the end of the first half of the day our second model Ewelina arrived and before Irina set off we shot a couple of looks with moth of them together!

And then the last few looks of the day.

And here is a quick back of camera preview and an edit in progress! Be sure to keep an eye out in a future post for the final images! :D

Models: Irina @ Nevs and Ewelina @ PRM 
Make-up: Hannah Serjeant (Instagram)
Styling: Ruth Elliot and Bryony Friend
Assistant: Gabriella Hodgson
Designer/brand: Closet Clothing
Photography: Thomas Cole Simmonds