Sunday, 30 September 2012

Last Day of Summer and The Skeleton Project Week 40

Last Day of Summer

A few weeks ago I met up with the beautiful Sara for a little test shoot, a blog post about the day can be seen here! As per usual I am slower at editing than I expect so I have only just finished them off. Here are a few from the day and you can see more on my website too! 

I also made a little .gif from one of the video clips we took during the shoot.

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The Skeleton Project

Week 40! Bath time!

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Chasseur Magazine and The Skeleton Project Week 39

Chasseur Magazine

So the day as finally come! The first issue of Chasseur Magazine is now online and you can view it here

This issue contains an image from a beauty shoot I did recently with Eleanor and Courtney (see the blog post about that here) as well as an interview and a little feature of some of my other work. You can see the feature on pages 54-59! 

Be sure to check out the rest of the magazine too as it is packed with wonderful work from wonderful people! :D

Here are some other photos from that shoot too! 

You can also see more of this shoot on my website, either here or here!

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The Skeleton Project

Week 39! The skeleton has fallen into some shrubbery and is broken up about it as you can see.

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Animated Preview and The Skeleton Project Week 38

Animated Preview

This week as been a bit quiet on the photography front, I am still whittling my way through a pile of editing, but here is a little something from a previous shoot! A new .gif animation from my shoot with Abi and Angela (you can see the blog post about that here). 

The Skeleton Project

Week 38! Keeping on a slightly gloomy feel with this weeks photo. Maybe the skeleton got some bad news or perhaps it is the Sunday feeling, it even troubles the undead. :P

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Shoot with Sara, Features and The Skeleton Project Week 37

Shoot with Sara

On Monday I met up with the beautiful Sara (who I shot with a few weeks ago, you can see that blog post here) for a little test shoot in the quiet seaside town of Eastbourne. In the morning the weather was grim, grey clouds all over and a spot of rain as well. Luckily by the time we met up around midday the clouds broke and the sun broke through, one of the warmest days this year ensued!

Here are a couple of previews from the day! :)

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As well as a shoot on Monday I had a couple of rather pleasant surprises, the first was an interview in the blog of fellow Brighton based photographer Tom Welland, you can see that by clicking the image below! 

As well as that I was also honoured with a feature of one of the best arts websites out there! The Nonsense Society! This is one of the biggest features of my work I have ever and and I am hugely grateful for it! You can see the full feature by clicking the image below!

Huge thanks to both Tom (@TomWelland) of Honeyroasthoax and Chris (@chrisiscreative) of The Nonsense Society for the features, be sure to follow them both! 

The Skeleton Project

Week 37!

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Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Boho Gypsy, Features and The Skeleton Project Week 36

The Boho Gypsy

A bit of time ago, on a beach not that far away... I had a shoot with the lovely Marta, you may remember the behind the scenes blog post from that shoot, if not you can see it here. Well today is the day I can finally release the images, so here they are! :D

Model/Stylist: Marta Wiktoria Wolniak | Marta Wolniak Fashion Stylist
Make-up/Hair: Angela Wilkinson
Assistant: Caroline Flynn
Photography: Me! Thomas Cole Simmonds Photography


The 1st of September marked the launch of the wonderful Atlas Magazine! And with it some of my photos from the previously mentioned shoot are featured, you can view the magazine in it's entirety here and I fully recommend you do, there is so much amazing work from amazing featured! I am so honoured to be included! We are pages 5, 69, 126 and 127! :)

Also this week one of the photos I took during my shoot a few weeks ago with Marta and Courtney (you can see there here) was used in the latest issue of Absolute Brighton magazine! 

You can see the full issue online here.

Also Chasseur Magazine posted a little behind the scenes sneak peek at the beauty shoot I shot for their upcoming first issue. You can see that better here


I put together some little title screens for the short films (they are bloody short lol) I have made over the past few years, you can click the images below to view the videos if you haven't seen them before! Let me know what you think! :)

Huge thanks to Kevin and his wonderful website full of music that I used in these films, go check out his stuff and follow him on twitter for updates!

The Skeleton Project

Week 36 is a hat tip to the gloom of a birthday, as I had mine just the other day! ...Not that mine was particularly gloomy but the idea popped up. :P

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