Saturday, 29 December 2012

Stories End

Stories End

So last week marked the end of my year long project! You can see the entire thing on my website here: or you can see them on tumblr here too.

During the course of the year while setting up the photos I also took some images for a video I wanted to create at the end. A couple of weeks ago I finally sat down to teach myself Premier Pro and make put the stop motion together.

And here is said video!

The music is by the very talented Chris Collins, go check out his stuff at the following places!

Did you also notice how the title of the film ties in so nicely with it being the end of the year too? All part of the plan... :P

Photography wise this project has really helped me refine my skills and give me something to do even when I didn't have any photoshoots planned (which was the original point of the project)

This year is also kind of what I consider the start of photography for me, a lot of good things have happened and it's almost as though I am a "photographer" if you know what I mean haha, as I cringe while typing that. :D

Here are some pointless stats for me to beat next year, this might be interesting if you're boring like me. :D I managed to get my work published in 1 book and. 8 magazines I was featured on 19 websites and I had over 18 photoshoots. I shot for Brighton Fashion Week, I learnt studio lighting and created my own home studio for a shoot as well as shooting in a commercial studio for the first time. And lastly (I think) I completed my first year long project! :D

Next year one of the things I most want to do is to collaborate with designers and stylists to create more elaborate and bigger shoots for more magazines and such, so if you're reading this and interested in working with me get in touch

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Portfolio, Behind The Scenes and The Skeleton Project Week 52


After getting a bunch of my photos printed for framing the other week I decided to update my portfolio, not only with new images but a new size too! I decided to get one of the Pampa Spiral Book and if you're looking to get a new portfolio too I highly recommend them, they are really well made and make photos look a bit better too. :P So far it's a little over half filled with images, looking forward to next year and filling up the rest of the pages with new shoots!

I also got a few new posters in the mail the other day too, things look extra nice in frames!

Behind The Scenes

This week 
Lucie (who was part of the behind the scenes video team on the Z-Mode shoot) released a promo video showing the shoot in progress. You can see it on her Vimeo channel here! Or just watch it below. :P

Credits for the video:
Cinematographers: LucieMichael
Editor: Lucie
Assistant: Beak

You can see the blog post for this shoot here.

The Skeleton Project

So here it is! Week 52 and the last photo for this project. I will be going into more detail on the project in my next post but for now enjoy the last photo!

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Posters And The Skeleton Project Week 51


So last week I was going to go on about these but they didn't arrive... but they are here now so here goes. :P

As I said last week I am trying to get a lot more of my work off the computer and printed out. Not only because it it good to have some physical backup of my photos it's nice to actually see them! They sit on my website or in a file on my hard drive and I don't really look at them properly myself... probably because that leads to the big headed side, but I quite like the photos I took so they may as well go on my wall haha.

For the test run I got four prints done, the models are Abi GreenSara Grabek and Stephanie Linda Pause. Here are a few photos of the framing/hanging process. :)

A bunch more are on their way! Next thing to do is print enough to fill my portfolio as A3 is clearly better than A4. :D

The Skeleton Project

Week 51 and the end is near.

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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Printed Things, Website Update And The Skeleton Project Week 50

Printed Things

I haven't shot in AGES so this (and probably the next few if I can't find something to do) is a random filler blog post... enjoy haha. 

I recently had a complete printed portfolio update and it was the first time I had seen my photos printed at that size, I thought I should start getting some even bigger prints done. So this week I ordered 4 12x16 prints to fill the frames I had knocking around from when I thought this would be a good idea last time haha. This time it is a good idea... probably! 

While I wait for them to arrive though something smaller fell through the letter box the other day brimming with prints of a different kind... new business cards! I ordered a whole range of various images to see what ones worked best on the cards, here they are:

Website Update

This week I also gave my website a bit of an update! Nothing much to do with the layout but I have added my latest published shoot 'Dreams of the Sisters' (blog post) as well as my 'Fall' shoot with Stephanie (blog post) and I have updated my Skeleton Project page and Analogue Box page.

The Skeleton Project

Week 50... they are eggs.

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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Dreams Of The Sisters, Atlas Magazine And The Skeleton Project Week 49

Dreams of the Sisters and ATLAS Magazine

Back in August I had a wonderful shoot with a fantastic team, you can see the blog post about the shoot here

Today this shoot was published in the seconds issue of the wonderful ATLAS Magazine! Here is a link to view the issue! You can find us on pages 138-147! :D

The idea of the shoot was based around two sisters as they begin their journey at their home alone together they look for a chance to bring their dreams and desires into reality, the symbolism for this being the gates of the garden. The forbidden boundary that has sparked their curiosity. 

While left alone they explore this garden and themselves. They start out as the innocent sisters and as the story progresses they mature towards the last phase of the shoot which is portrayed as an opposite to the beginning with a darker feel bringing the story to a close. 

Each stage shows a part of their imagination and dreams escaping into reality, in this case their outfits from the soft feminine fabrics of the beginning looks to the more metallic and goth-like feel towards the end.

(The first image from each look is digital and the second is analogue and the third is digital again)

Here are some links to the wonderful team, be sure to check out their stuff! :)

Stephanie Linda Pause
Sara Grabek

Angela Amelia

Maria Martin-Caro

American Apparel
Doctor Martens
Marina Qureshi
Nikita Karizma
Tamzin Lillywhite


The Skeleton Project

Week 49! I can't believe how close I am to completing this year long project! I think I might have to carry on as I have a few more ideas left than I do weeks. :P

Here is a little work in progress/behind the scenes type shot, it's surprising how much of a set you can make in such a tiny space!

And here is the final shot. This time the skeleton is sailing off! (One of the people reading this will know where to. :D )

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