Friday, 24 September 2010

Third Roll

These were taken a few weeks ago actually, while we went to visit my granny me and my dad went blackberry picking so he could make some jam.

These photos were taken with my Canon A-1. :)

We got several pounds worth in the end. Hope you like these photos, until next time! :)

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Cameras - Part 2

For the second part of my cameras post I will show you the two cameras I use on a daily basis as well as the collection of cameras I have scraped together over the past year or so.

My primary camera is the Pentax K-X, I use this for all my digital photography.

Pentax K-X
My secondary camera is a Canon A-1, I use this for most of my analogue photography.

Canon A-1
These are the rest of my cameras, I haven't tried them all but they are good to take photos of even if they don't take photos well themselves.

Bonica Snapper Vision XMS
Canon Sure Shot Zoom XL
Coronet Twelve-20

Fujifilm Finepix S5800
Halina 35X
Ilford Sportsman

Kodak Brownie 127 Model 2
Kodak Brownie Cresta 3
Kodak Brownie Reflex

Kodak No A-127
Lomolitos Yellow Flash
Nikkorex Zoom 8

Nikon F
Nikon L35 AF
Olympus Trip

Pentax MV1
Polaroid Land Camera Super Colour Swinger
Polaroid Land Camera The Button

Relex 127
Zenit FS-12

And that is all the cameras! Until next time! :)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Second Roll

These photographs were taken with my Canon A-1.

Sun Trap
Take A Breath
Tiny Asthmatic

Bits Of Eighties Awesomeness

Fat Cat
Natural Tendrils

Trapped Chap

Quite a short post, I will do the second part of the cameras blog soon, should be more interesting I hope! :D

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Cameras - Part 1

This will be a several part post, the first I will show you the cameras I used to get into photography, after that I will show you some I have collected over the past months, I tried to make the photos a bit more interesting, hopefully it doesn't look like a boring catalogue! :)

On the first day of 2009 I got a bridge SLR camera, a Fujifilm S5800. For a starting camera I couldn't fault it, some of my most popular photos were taken with it. Here are a couple of examples Cannibals Breakfast and Poison, both got Daily Deviations for which I am very proud! :)

Fujifilm S5800

Sixteen months later I got a new camera, hurrah! I got a Pentax K-X, interchangeable lenses... ah so much better. Since I got the K-X I have been exploring my skills as a portrait and fashion photographer, while I have worked with quite a few brilliant models so far, it seems to be quite a slow process to get into the field. However I find it very enjoyable, meeting people though photography is great! I will keep at it! :D

Pentax K-X

Digital photography is truly amazing and probably taken for granted, however during my brief photography course at college I really fell for analogue photography... It's hard to explain but there is something about the way the photos turn out, it just seems to have more character.

During my course I used my dad's old Nikon F, it was quite damaged by fungus but it was still enjoyable, even if the photography course was not! I would very much like to have the use of a dark room again though... maybe someday I will build my own. :)

Nikon F

A few months ago I found a camera in a second hand shop that had particular relevance to me. When I was about three years old my mum took me to a boot sale and she bought me a camera to play with, over the years I lost that camera. However I found it at that second hand shop! It seemed a lot bigger back in the day though.

Kodak Brownie Cresta 3
First Camera

Above is a photo of me at my third birthday (I think) showing my new camera to my granny. I thought I was Mr Cool, I was obviously correct! :D

In the next part I will show you some photographs of cameras I have recently added to my collection. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. :)

Until next time!