Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Test With Eleanor and The Skeleton Project Week 31

Shoot With Eleanor

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Eleanor Froud! We decided to go to St Jame's park in London, we braved hot weather, Olympic crowds and unfortunately placed stinging nettles!

We got five different looks in the various locations around the park. As we were shooting the 2nd to last look in a patch of daises some crazy old woman called the police on us, apparently were weren't allowed past the little fence thing... luckily we managed to get the shots before we were moved so she didn't spoil things too much. :D

Here are a couple of previews!

Keep your eyes peeled in an upcoming blog post for the finished photos! :)

The Skeleton Project

So for week 31 I decided to give the skeleton a lovely milk bath! Good for it's bones I am sure! The daises stuck on it's head and in it's eyes are picked from my granny's garden and they all shrivelled up on the drive home, luckily they add to the whole dead vibe. :P 

Don't forget you can follow the project here.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

EBTG Bride and The Skeleton Project Week 30

EBTG Bride Shoot

A few weeks ago I had another shoot with M (you can see that entry here) for a bridal boutique called EBTG Bride, I just finished editing the photos and here are a few of them! :D

Credits for this shoot are:

Model/Stylist: M
PhotographyThomas Cole Simmonds

I have also finished the photos from the shoot before that one but I am waiting to hear back to see if they will be published so I have to keep them hidden for a little bit longer... not too much longer though I hope as I can't wait to release them!

Making a Studio... update!

Over the past week I have been slowly converting my room into a usable work space, and now I have a place to do studio shoots if need be! Here is a little sketch I did before hand and this is what it turned out like, not too far off as it turns out. :P 

Hopefully I will have some shoots to show you in the near future shot here!

The Skeleton Project

Week 30!! Still a little surprised I got this far! This weeks photo shows a little bit of a mutation, two heads are better than one, although I imagine these two would argue a lot. You can follow the project here.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Making a Studio and The Skeleton Project Week 29

Making a Studio!

So this week I decided I would give myself one month to properly set up my business, albeit on a very small scale! I am currently emptying my room out and setting up my backdrop, lights etc so I can start offering portrait sessions as well as having somewhere a bit more permanent to experiment. :D

I did a little sketch of what it will look like when it's finished and it is actually turning out quite well, I put the stuff up for a quick test and it looks ok, now it's time to repaint though!

The Skeleton Project

It's week 29! Not a huge amount to say about this one, I was experimenting with making an image that looked like an x-ray and this is what I ended up with. I will probably have another go at the x-ray another week, it was quite fun. :D You can follow the project here.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Last Shoot And The Skeleton Project Week 28

Last Shoot

As I mentioned in a the last post my good friend and the ever so talented and beautiful M is leaving England to pursue her career back in Poland, we had planned for our previous shoot to be our last but as it turned out we had time to fit one more in before she left!

Marta arrived along with Courtney (who would be doing the make-up) and we set off to start shooting. For this shoot we went to Stanmer Park, after doing the make-up at a pub in the Brighton Marina we drove to the park and searched for a good location. While the make-up was being done the weather was amazing, perfectly clear and warm but as soon as we arrived it began to get cloudy and cold again, typical but we still got some great shots and the sun did creep out every now and then so it wasn't too bad. :D

M had bought along a huge bag of wedding accessories for us to shoot with lent to us by the wonderful Natalie of bridal shop Everything But The Girl Bridal Boutique. Here are some more behind the scenes photos from the shoot:

Here are a couple of previews from the shoot too! :D

Credits for the shoot are:

Model/Stylist: M
Photography: Thomas Cole Simmonds

The Skeleton Project

Week 28 is here! Here it lies on the old shed steps, my dad ripped them out the other day to replace them, they have been there for as long as I have been alive... ahh shed steps lol. You can follow the project here.


And lastly here are a couple of features that I have had by some lovely websites!

My shoot for is being put up on their site over the next few weeks, here is a shot of one of the looks on their site now, and here one of the lookbooks on there that I shot too! :)

And here are a couple more, one on the amazing Nonsense Society!

And great new site The Fates Design!