Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Secret Garden

A few weeks ago I met up with a fantastic model Wioleta Michas in Lewes. I first met Wioleta 15months ago on my first ever photoshoot, it was a pleasure to work with her again. We didn't have any particular theme set but we ended up with some great photos and a theme sort of came out of it by itself - The Secret Garden.

Wioleta didn't come alone, Marta Franzkowska did the make-up for this shoot. Here are a few behind the scenes shots.

The Secret Garden set can be seen in its entirety on my main website here and some other shots both here, here and here

Below are a select few for you to have a look at. :D

Last month I also went to Poland with a few friends, I didn't manage to get many photos unfortunately but here are a couple from out of the plane window and the atlas hehe, amazingly interesting I am sure. :P

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Origami Queen

In a previous blog post I showed the process of making one of my photos using origami birds, as well as some photos of me making this headpiece, here are a few of them the more can be seen by following the link. :) The idea for the headpiece was to use as a crown for a photoshoot titled 'Origami Queen'.

Above is another page from my sketch book of shoot ideas and below is the finished result. :)

I also did a little video to go with this shoot, it is very short and only the first edit, I might make a longer version with more footage soon but in the mean time here it is. :)

You can also see the set on my website here: