Sunday, 29 September 2013



Back in June I had what was probably one of my largest shoots, along with a great team and location we put together a fantastic shoot and this week it was finally published, and in such a fantastic magazine too! :D You can see the behind the scenes from this shoot in a previous post here.

The magazine is question is the wonderful Xquisit Magazine! You can view it below on pages 12-23 or follow this link

And here are some of the final images as well as a short to go along with the shoot. :)

You can also see more on my website at


Model - Rosemarie T @ Paulo-Ribeiro Management.
Make-up - Courtney Scarlett Boyd.
Styling - Christianne Lucianne.
Styling Assistant - Jay Singh.
Dress Designers - Talya Valdona and Rachel Deeming.
Jewellery Designers - Scarlett Sturrock and Revivial.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Italian Garden

Italian Garden

Back in July I had a shoot in London around Kensington Gardens with stylist Christianne Lucianne. You can check out the behind the scenes from this shoot in a previous post here. The shoot had more than it's fair share of obstacles, including having no make-up artist, no model and no access to the location we picked... but everything worked out in the end. :P

Here is a selection of images from the shoot!

Here is a little video to go along with the shoot too!

You can see more of the shoot on my website at






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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Pool Day and Test With Katie

Pool Day

Back in early August I took a trip to Kent to visit Chessie King for a shoot in her pool. You can see some behind the scenes from that shoot in a previous post here!

Here is a selection of the final images:

And a little gif for good measure! :D

You can see more on my website by following this link!

Model/make-up: Chessie King
Assistant: Brontë King
Photography: Thomas Cole Simmonds

Test With Katie

Last Monday was the last day of my summer holiday. The endless weeks of freedom we'red as endless as they seemed seven weeks ago. But my final day before going back to work was spent in the way I like most like to spend them, taking photos!

I mad my way to London in the early afternoon for a little test shoot with a new model who I hadn't worked with before- Katie H.

We were blesses with wonderful weather and as we walked around we found some great little places to take some photos! Here is a little preview along with a couple of behind the scenes photos! :)

Photo by Ashley
Photo by Ashley

Sunday, 1 September 2013

No model, then a model... And in print!

No model, then a model, then no model, then maybe a model, then no model, then a model!

As you can tell from the title of this weeks post, I had another minor problem with a shoot, this time instead of the police being called on us, being thrown out of a location or having no make-up artist we had a bit of trouble finding a model. At the last minute the one we had booked went into surgery and by the time we found someone else it was too late to shoot, so we postponed the shoot to the day after and as usual when something like this happens it seems to turn out for the best!

Me and Lydia, who I had previously worked with on the Seaside Town shoot (see the blog post here) have been trying to set up a shoot since then and this week we finally got round to shooting again. And instead of an on location shoot we did a bit of studio stuff in her flat. Using artificial lighting is still a bit new to me and this was only my third ever shoot using them, despite the fact that a guide I did for studio lighting had been published... no one needs to know that though do they? :P

On Thursday morning I made my way to Brighton station to meet with the beautiful Toni from Leni's Model Management. It was her 2nd day in the UK after flying in from Hong Kong and previous to that America! Some people live exciting lives! We made our way to Lydia's flat to being the set up for the shoot. Lydia along with and her friend Lizzy both styled the shoot with some beautiful pieces of jewellery and headpieces. And Lydia did a fantastic job with the make-up and hair.

After a few hours and five looks later we were done for the day and left with a huge pile of awesome photos! 

Here are a couple of behind the scenes photos and a little pack of camera preview from one of the looks. :)

Photo by Lizzy Perry

Model: Toni @ Leni's Model Management
Make-up/hair/styling: Lydia Pankhurst
Assistant/styling: Lizzy Perry
Photography: Thomas Cole Simmonds
Brands/boutiques/designers: Rouge Pony, RCK+SKLL, Miss Selfridge, New Look, Zara.

In print.

As linked at the beginning of the post, the shoot I did a few months back along with LydiaTorie and Becca @ Leni's along with pieces by Geeks & Stitches was published in Coco Magazine and this week my copy arrived in the post! It's always so exciting to see my photos actually printed out!

If you're interested in getting a copy for yourself you can do so here! :)