Monday, 28 January 2013

Beauxoxo Shoot, MDLM Interview and Buggered PC

Beauxoxo Shoot

For months and months Georgie of Beauxoxo, Stephanie and I have been trying to arrange a shoot together and last weekend we finally got everything together along with make-up artist Katherine Louise and Keely of Kee Boutique who provided the clothing.

We met up at a fantastic roof garden in the Kensington area of London and while the weather was surprisingly good in the morning it got a bit grey by the time we were ready to shoot and bloody cold too, but as luck would have it there was a perfect sheltered area that we could use.

We were shooting Georgie's spring/summer butterfly collection, here are a couple of behind the scenes photos and a few previews too! :)

Photo by Katherine Louise
Photo by Katherine Louise

Be sure to check out the wonderful team!

Model: Stephanie Linda Pause
Make-up: Katherine Louise
Accessories Designer: Georgie Beauxoxo
Clothing: Kee Boutique

MDLM Interview

The other week I was contacted by the lovely Alinde from MDLM about possibly doing an interview with me for her website having seen the photo from my Z-Mode shoot (see blog post here for that) the designer of which she interviewed previously, you can see Victoria's interview here.

I of course agreed and got to work writing my responses straight away! You can have a read by clicking here or on the image below. :)

Be sure to check out the rest of the website and follow Alinde on twitter too! :)

Buggered PC

And in other news... that makes it sound more lighthearted than the other stuff. It bloody wasn't. :P

My computer decided that it would commit suicide, as I was fiddling about on Photoshop when I heard a weird electrical bang and with it went my computer. On the up side it meant that a new one was required so off to the internet I went with a borrowed stack of cash and the ordering commenced. A few days later a pile of parts arrived and I got to work.

It was just a little less than a week without a proper computer but it felt like months haha, but now everything is in order and I'm ready to edit again. :D

Friday, 18 January 2013

Morning Light

Morning Light

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Vanessa Tait for a little test shoot around Brighton, you can see the blog post about the day here.

I just recently finished editing the photos are here are a few of them! :)

You can see more from Vanessa by following her on twitter and Model Mayhem . :)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Wonders of 54mm Negatives

The Wonders of 54mm Negatives

Back in September of last year I had a test shoot with the beautiful Sara Grabek, you can see the blog posts about that shoot here and here. During the shoot I tested out a new back I recently got for my Bronica ETR-Si, the 135mm W back.

The unique thing about this back, other than what a pain it is to get your hands on is that it gives you 54x24mm negatives rather than the standard 36x24mm. The trouble with this was getting them scanned in properly, which is why they sat around in my house doing bugger all until I finally took them to a specialist shop and to them converted. 

I have tried using a light box (and when I say light box I mean an iMac... probably not recommended) and DSLR to get digital versions but it is quite laborious and sorting the colours out is rather annoying. I am going to get myself a proper one soon though and I will go into that when it arrives.

In the mean time however, here are some of the photos that we got on the day using the 135 W Back. :D

Be sure to check out Sara's modelling work on her facebook page here!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Test With Vanessa

Test With Vanessa

So today was my first shoot of the year and also my first shoot in over 9 weeks! It was great to get behind the camera again! 

Me and Vanessa had been trying to shoot together for a while but something seemed to get in the way every time until today. We met up outside the Royal Pavilion this morning and set to shooting! For our first look the sun... THE SUN came out, but when we went to the cemetery it all went grey, which was rather appropriate. :D

Here are a few previews from our shoot, obviously I haven't edited much because the shoot was a matter of hours ago and I am incredibly lazy. :P

Be sure to follow Vanessa on twitter and you can find her on Model Mayhem too. :)

I have some great shoots on the way so keep your eye on the blog in the coming months! Posts might not be as regular now that my Skeleton Project is over but hopefully I will either replace that with more tests or think up another project to do. :D

If you missed the show Skeleton thing you can see the project in it's entirety on my website here:

And you can see the stopmotion video I made to round off the project here: