Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fleeting Moments From A Shoot + The Skeleton Project Week 23

As you might have seen in previous posts (here and here) I recently had another fantastic shoot with the beautiful Stephanie. Sometimes on a shoot I will take a few video clips, sometimes for a cinemagraph or specifically for a video project I have in mind. this time the clips were intended for cinemagraphs, one of which is below!

I decided that I would create a video as well for this shoot, it is more of a preview for the upcoming images than anything story based. I hope you enjoy either way. :D

Week 23 is here and that means another bone based image! This week is quite a simple portrait of our thin friend. bit weird with the processing but it was boring otherwise. :P

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Also if you missed it I am doing a small print giveaway on my Facebook page for one person to win an A4 print of their choice. More details here.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Skeleton Project Week 22

Week 22! Oh my holy cranium, we are getting to the half way point! Make no bones about it! This week the skeleton has it's eye on you. A slight continuation from last week, it has it's party hat on still, maybe it's mad with joy for finally being able to see?

As per usual you can follow this project here as well!

Here are a few previews from my shoot the other day with Stephanie, still got lots to edit but I have had a few blasted power cuts. More to come soon! :D

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Meetup With Stephanie, Print Giveaway And The Skeleton Project Week 21

Today I met up with the beautiful Stephanie! We ate, we shot and we became annoyed at the swarms of children clogging up the streets, we attracted crowds at inappropriate times, saw many a bike based disaster and met the mice who live in the underground! Overall a much enjoyable jaunt round nice places with a wonderful person! 

Here are a couple of previews from the shoot we did, sorry there are no photos of the other things.... you will just have to use your imagination. Keep an eye on the blog as the finished photos will be up soon-ish... probably. :D

I have started a little giveaway on my Facebook page as a thanks for the votes so far on the Artist Wanted competition. I reached the 77 vote mark which means I am now guaranteed showing during the exhibition at Times Square (not exactly sure what that entails but yay anyway :D ). I don't think winning the whole thing is even slightly possible but I am very happy to have reached this goal and hence the giveaway! I am going to be giving away an A4 print to one person at random picked from people who have liked both my Facebook page and this image on the page. If you are interested in entering you have until 15th of June!

The Skeleton Project - Week 21

So for this weeks photo I got to create a miniature party hat... and isn't that what life is worth living for? No? NO?! Oh well... It was more enjoyable than you might first expect, you get to cut a circle of card, colour in some dots, staple it together and thread an elastic band through it! Huzzah and hurrah, you are now the proud owner of a thing you can't use unless you have a tiny person to put it on.

...ANYWAY, that isn't the photo of course, no skeleton there!

Here is week 21!

Remember you can keep up with the project here.

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Skeleton Project Week 20

This weeks photo shows the skeleton looking a little bit holy in a hood. I was hoping to do something a bit more adventurous with this but it got destroyed and... well this one will have to do lol.

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Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Skeleton Project Week 19

This weeks photo for The Skeleton Project sees our bone based chum take up the art of photography! Although being short makes it a bit more difficult.

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Also voting will be ending soon on the ArtistWanted Art Takes Times Square competition, if you haven't voted yet and have a spare moment to do so I would really appreciate it! You can do so here, once on the pace click the "Collect Me" button at the top and log in. :D