Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Tiny Trees Project - Part 3

Tiny Trees Project - Part 3

Here are the next set of images in the continuation of my Tiny Trees project! You can see the whole set so far on my website at
As with the previous images there is a little behind the scenes post you can view here. :)

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Camden Girl

Camden Girl

A few weeks back on the first day of November I made my way to London once again for another test shoot! This time with the lovely Kate Heaton. We were blessed with beautiful weather on the day and after meeting up we made our way to Camden Lock which was - as you can imagine impossibly busy on a rare hot day! This made picking out the locations we had in mind a little more difficult but annoying tourists are an evil that must be defeated! So we soldiered on and got to shooting where we could! Below are some of the final images from the day! :)

You can see the full shoot on my website at and be sure to follow Kate on instagram as well! :)

Monday, 17 November 2014

A Long Weekend

A Long Weekend

Way back in May I had the pleasure of shooting the spring campaign for Clothing Clothing. You can see the behind the scenes post for the shoot here! This week the images were published the the fantastic Whim Magazine! You can see us on pages 172-193 and you can view the issue by clicking here or the image below!

The following are some of the final images from the shoot! You can also view them on my website at

Model: Irina @ Nevs
Make-up: Hannah Serjeant (Instagram)
Styling: Ruth Elliot and Bryony Friend
Assistant: Gabriella Hodgson
Designer/brand: Closet Clothing
Photography: Thomas Cole Simmonds

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Rainy Day with Paige

A Rainy Day with Paige

Last week I made my way to London on a drizzly Wednesday to spend the afternoon taking photos with the beautiful and talented Paige Crowson! We met at Victoria station and made our way to Battersea Park to take the first set of the day! It was eerily quiet there due to the weather (and the fact that normal people have jobs at that time haha) and the whole place seemed like an abandoned communist plaza, if only every location was like that! Tourists are the bane of photoshoots from my experience. :P

After the first set we dried off in a little cafe close by and then we made our way to one of my favourite places in London, the Italian Gardens. I've shot there several times but despite it's small size I've been able to get fresh looking images each visit! The light was beginning to fade by then and the photos we took changed from a fresh and autumnal to more melancholy and dark which gave us a nice distinction between the two looks of the day! 

Below are some of the final images, you can also see them on my site at

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014



The other week I met up with the lovely Claudia for a little test shoot in Brighton on what in retrospect seems like might have been the last sunny day of the year! We met up at the Brighton Marina and got to shooting! Below are a few of the final images! :)

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Tiny Trees Project - Part 2

Tiny Trees Project - Part 2

Continuing the Tiny Trees project, here are the next two images for this week! as with the previous images there is a little behind the scenes post you can view here. :)

You can see all the images in the project I have published so far over on my website at :)

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Camera Finds: The Canon AE-1 Program

Camera Finds: The Canon AE-1 Program

For this post I will be looking at the Canon AE-1 Program, this is pretty much the workhorse of my analogue photography as it's the one that I have used most often. And there is a reason for that, it's fantastic! Not only does it look great but it's durable reliable and produces excellent photos. I have a few variants of this camera but this is by far my favourite.

When I'm on a photoshoot this is the camera I'll usually use to get a different perspective. I shoot primarily with an 85mm on my main camera and the AE-1 paired with the 50mm 1.8 gives a wider view on things as well as images with a distinct feel to them.

Below are a few photos taken with the AE-1 Program:

Friday, 19 September 2014

Camera Finds: The Polaroid 600 SE

Camera Finds: The Polaroid 600 SE

Over the years that I have been doing photography I have accumulated quite an array of cameras and as my collection begins to grow I slowly learn more about them and I thought it would be good to share my finds in my blog. For my first post I'm going to look over the Polaroid 600 SE. When I was getting ready to write this post I was surprised by how much time had passed since I got this camera! Almost a year has gone by and although I haven't used it quite as often as I would have liked it's definitely a purchase I don't regret. I got the 600 SE in an online auction and as always you never know what the exact condition of the camera will be but I was very happy overall, after a bit of cleaning up and a replacement dark slide it was ready to shoot!

The camera shoots FujiFilm FP-100C or 120 with the appropriate back. This is obviously an expensive camera to use and this is one of the reasons I don't use it too often, although the main being it's size and weight. It's a very comfortable camera to use with it's built in handle and trigger but tugging it along on a photoshoot with my regular gear means I'm sometimes restricted when it comes to shoots that are out of town.

It is definitely one of my more unique looking cameras and it is an excellent addition to my collection! It looks rather good on display even if it isn't used too regularly.

Below are a few images that I took with it on a shoot with the lovely Louise. You can see a blog post on my shoot with her here. And more on my website at

Friday, 12 September 2014

Tiny Trees Project - Part 1

Tiny Trees Project - Part 1

Way back in April I posted the behind the scenes of a project I was working on at the time to replace my Skeleton Project for something to do between shoots. You can see the behind the scenes post here!

Now after my break I've decided to get the project going again with the posting of the first two images in the series. Unlike the Skeleton Project these won't necessarily be weekly but hopefully they'll be somewhat regular! :)

Below are the first two images in this set. :)

I will also be publishing these images on my website at after each blog post so you can keep up to date with the project there too! :)

Sunday, 31 August 2014



From the 1st of August until the 17th me and a friend went on an adventure through 8 countries in Europe using InterRail passes. We started our journey in our home town of Brighton, from there we drove to the ferry terminal in the town of Newhaven and from there we passed through France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, back down to Slovenia and Croatia and then back up through Hungary and finally ending the trip in Romaina. From there we flew back to London and caught a train back home.

Below are a few images that I took along the way! Here is where the holiday really began with our train from Dieppe to Paris!

After reaching our hostel we went to explore the local area and then make our way to various landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.

We were back on the train again and heading for our next stop - Bratislava, however we made a quick stop in Munich along the way and then passed through Vienna!

After Slovakia we made our way towards Pula in Croatia but not before a quick stop in Ljubljana!

During our time in Croatia we visited the Colosseum and the beautiful national park island of Brijuni.

After this we got back on the trains for our journey to Budapest! Here just out of luck we managed to book tickets to the Sziget festival that was happening during our stay. We got to see Queens of the Stone Age and Deadmau5!

Off one last time, although this wasn't our longest journey (that was 24 hours on multiple trains) this was our longest uninterrupted journey on the same train at 16 hours. At the end of it we found ourselves in Bucharest where we visited what is supposed to be heaviest building in the world - the Palace of the Parliament.

And finally we boarded the plane home to England and the journey was over... until next year at least!

You can see my post from last year where I went to the Czech Republic too!