Friday, 31 July 2015



Back at the start of the year I  began planning a shoot with a wonderful stylist by the name of Lauren Segal, after a whole heap of emails we settled on a shoot date and got a team together. We met up mid April in London along with make-up artist Izzy Cammareri and model Jade Lindo with designs by Frida Hoffman

This week the editorial was published in the newly released Solstice Magazine, you can see us on pages 80-89, follow this link or click the image below, a printed version of the magazine can also be purchased! :)

Here are some more images from the shoot, you can also see more over at |


Model: Jade Lindo at Oxygen Models
Make-up: Izzy Cammareri
Stylist: Lauren Segal
Designer: Frida Hoffman
Photography: Thomas Cole Simmonds

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Camera Finds: Bronica ETRsi

Camera Finds: Bronica ETRsi

It's been an awfully long time since I've done one of these camera finds posts and to get back into it I thought I'd go with a beast of a camera, the Bronica ETRsi! This camera was one of my early attempts at gambling with my money on eBay and to my relief I ended up with something that wasn't utterly terrible! :D The ETRsi is primarily a medium format camera but it's also incredibly versatile with a broad range of film backs available.

Apart from it's many uses as a camera the overall build quality and the feel of the camera when operating it is one of the things I like most about it, it's an absolute joy to use! As I mentioned previously you can get many back for this camera including a Polaroid version and you can even get an attachment to use a digital back if you have more money than sense. 

I managed to get my hands on two types in addition to my 120 version, these allow me to to shoot with 35mm film on this camera. The 135N and 135W the latter of which after using prompted me to alter my style of shooting to incorporate a more panoramic and cinematic look to my work.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Beauxoxo Easter

Beauxoxo Easter

A few weeks back just before Easter I made my way up to London to shoot a spring time set of images for Georgie at Beauxoxo. I met up with Georgie, Stephanie and Chloe
 and we made our way to Holland Park and after setting up with the make-up in the park cafe we got to work shooting! Here are a few behind the scenes images! 

And here are some of the finals! Be sure to check out to get some headpieces of your own! And again Miss Patina lent us some outfits to use too, you can check them out over at their website too!

Model: Stephanie Linda Pause
Make-up: Chloe Edwards
Accessories Designer: Georgie Beauxoxo
Clothing: Miss Patina

Thursday, 16 April 2015

In the Rough

In the Rough

Back in February on the 15th I made my way to London to shoot once again with stylist Shirly Piperno along with make-up artist Izzy Cammareri 
and model Keziah Zeisser. For this shoot we had some difficulty finding suitable places to set up for shooting so we decided to rend a place nearby for the day, this was the first time I have tried this and it was perfect! Having somewhere reliable as a base nearby instead of using a cafe or something is highly recommended! 

We met up around mid day at the house and Izzy got to work on Keziah's make-up and hair while Shirly prepared the outfits, during this time on a shoot I usually have nothing to do so I went and scouted the location ready for the first look! After some final touches and the first clothing change we got to work shooting six looks in total, finishing just in time to walk back while watching the sunset! 

Here are a few behind the scenes photos taken throughout the day:

And here are some of the final images! You can see more on my website too at, or This shoot was also just published on the fantastic DeFUZE magazine website as one of their featured webtorials! You can see the shoot on their website by following this link or by clicking the image below! :)

Credits for the shoot are:

Model: Keziah Zeisser @ Oxygen Models
Make-up/Hair: Izzy Cammareri
Styling: Shirly Piperno
Designers: Nitsan Alter, Mary Eleini, Felipe Hiroshi Goto, Sabina Soderberg
Photography/Post Processing: Thomas Cole Simmonds