Sunday, 26 May 2013



Last month I had a little shoot in Brighton with the beautiful Stephanie, you can see some of the behind the scenes in this blog post here. The shoot was basically a spring/summer themed test to get some new images for the both of us. Stephanie did a great job styling for the shoot. Here are some of the final images, a bit of a mix of digital and analogue photos. You can also see some more on my website here! :)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Day in the Park

Day in the Park

The other week I got in touch with the beautiful Stephanie to shoot a little summer themed editorial, I knew would be perfect for it! But also, if there is any excuse to shoot with her I will take it. :D

After a bit of planning we got round to shooting last Thursday at the wonderful Battersea Park, I had never been there myself but I had seen photos and have wanted to shoot there for a long time. I will definitely be going back, there is so much left to explore!

As luck would have it the sun was actually shining for most of the shoot and it was pretty warm too! We definitely need more of those kind of days please, cloud god... if you're listening... go away.

As these are hopefully for submission I can't show much but here is a back of camera preview and a couple of behind the scenes type images. :)

I have a rather limited time to edit these so I might be able to show the final images sooner than usual, keep an eye out for them in a future post! :)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Seaside Town, Coco and Métier

Seaside Town

A few weeks back I had a wonderful shoot with a fantastic team! We shot a summer themed editorial (as summery as you can get in the grey wasteland known as Englandentitled 'Seaside Town'. You can see the behind the scenes post from the shoot here

Here are a selection of the final images!

You can also see the entire shoot on my website by following this link!

Credits for the shoot:
Model: Becca Ahern @ Leni's
Make-up/hair: Lydia Pankhurst
Stylist: Torie Smith
Garments: Geeks & Stitches

Coco and Métier

This week also heralded the release of 2 new magazine issues featuring some of my work, Coco Magazine and Métier Magazine.

Seaside town was published in Issue 17 of Coco Magazine on pages 94-103, you can see the full issue by clicking the image below. :)

And in Métier Magazine I had a wonderful interview on pages 32-35! You can read the full interview by clicking the image below!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Wesminster and Indoors


Yesterday I had another test shoot with one of the new faces at 
Leni's Model Management this time with Tessa, who just recently arrived from Hong Kong! We met up at Victoria station and made our way to Westminster to shoot around some of the amazing architecture in that area.

The weather over the past week or so had been wonderful and I wanted to make the most of it while I had the time, typically though it didn't go that way. After about 20 minutes walking to the Location in the warm morning sun and setting up once we arrived it almost instantly changed. The sun went in, the wind started up and a mini monsoon decided to arrive! 

The location we were shooting at was the only shelter around and I thought it would be cool to shoot there while it was raining but within seconds about 15 tourists flocked inside and started walking over our equipment and eating fried chicken... quite annoying! We waited it out along with our new 'friends', luckily it stopped for about half an hour and we were able to get the shots we needed.

After that we started exploring for a 2nd location and as we found the perfect place it started to HAIL! Of all things. Despite this Tessa was amazing and kept going and we got some great images! :D Here is a little back of camera preview.

As I sat on the train home glorious sunlight appeared again. I was not surprised. :P


A couple of weeks ago I had an indoor shoot with model Vanessa Tait. It was the first time in ages that I had done an entire shoot indoors and not in a studio setting and even longer since I had shot anything with a boudoir kind of feel.

Here are a few final images from the shoot! :)