Sunday, 24 March 2013

Wayward Flame

Wayward Flame

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting with the amazing Sara Grabek, You can see the blog post with some behind the scenes stuff in it here

Here are a few of the final images from that shoot:

You can see the main set of images on my website at

Here are some analogue photos I took between shots too. :)

Credits for the shoot are:

Model: Sara Grabek
Wig:  Annabelle's Wigs

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Skeleton Project Print Giveaway!

Skeleton Project Print Giveaway!

So I thought it was about time for another print giveaway! As you might know at the end of last year I completed my 52 week Skeleton Project and I thought these might provide a nice pool of images for the giveaway as well as giving it a bit more focus than just giving away a completely random photo. 

If you would like to enter follow THIS LINK! Or click the image below. Once you're there all you have to do is like the image on Facebook (share it to get a 2nd entry) and then in a couple of weeks I will pull a name out at random and then if you're the winner you can pick any image from the Skeleton Project and I will send you the print!

You can have a look through the project in it's entirety on my website here, and be sure to check out the film section too for the final part of the project!

Good luck if you enter! :D

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Re-Editing and Unedited Photos Newly Edited - Part 2

Re-Editing and Unedited Photos Newly Edited - Part 2

As I said in the previous post I will be showing you some new photos from a shoot I did over a year ago, and it was my first shoot with the wonderful Stephanie Linda Pause

Because a year is a long time and my editing style and tastes have changed a little since then I wanted to update this shoot and create a set of images that went together better than before. The following images are a few of the re-edited and some newly edited and previously unused photos from that shoot!

You can see the full set on my website by clicking the following image!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Irish Coffee and Orange Hair

Irish Coffee and Orange Hair

This Saturday I had the pleasure of working with the wonderful Sara Grabek once again. This shoot has been a little while in the planning but due to the outfit we required a bit of warmth and England doesn't provide that in abundance, especially this time of year. 
However! This weekend it was just about warm enough... or rather it wasn't too cold to not do the shoot. Either way. :P

I met up with Sara at Victoria station and we made our way to the Bethnal Green area of London to shoot at the exterior of what I thought was an abandoned building... turns out that it wasn't and the guy who lived there came out as Sara was sprawled in the doorway, he didn't seem to mind though haha, who would? :P

After that we went back to a cafe we noticed on our way there that had an amazing yard full of weird rusted playground amusement things and old chairs, after warming up inside the cafe with a spiced up coffee we got back to shooting.

Here are a couple of previews! :)

The wig is by Annabelle's Wigs, be sure to check out the site, Sara's lovely face grinning is away over there. :D

Also in other news one of my photos was shortlisted in The Print Space's fashion photography contest, if you like my photo you can vote for it by following this link! :)