Monday, 8 April 2013

Nine Shoots and Get Inspired

Nine Shoots

Last week I took a little trip up to London to pay a visit to the Leni's Model Management office to shoot a few of their new faces. I set up in a spare room of theirs and one by one a model came in and we had a little less than 10 minutes to get some portraits done! It was the first time I had worked with so many models in one day, and with such a small amount of time each. 

Despite the constraints we definitely got some great photos! And it was a good challenge to try and get something different with each model in the same location in just an hour or so.

Here are a couple of previews from the day:

Get Inspired

In other news, my shoot with Sara Grabek and Annabelle's Wigs that I posted the other week entitled Wayward Flame was published in Issue 8 of Get Inspired Magazine! But not only do we have 8 pages inside the magazine but we also have the cover, which is amazing to me! It's the first cover I have had since I have been photographing people. You can download the full issue here!

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