Monday, 26 January 2015

Rainbow Challenge

Rainbow Challenge

The other week I was tasked by the wonderful Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite to take on the 7 day rainbow challenge where you have to create a new image each day for a week with the theme of the 7 colours of the rainbow!

I was lacking a little on the photographic side of things and self portraits aren't so suitable when you're the antithesis of photogenic so I thought I'd go back to by graphic design college days and create 7 portraits in Photoshop using the trusty old friend - the pen tool! :D I've used this style before to create some images just to practice and this seemed like a great opportunity to use those skills! :)

Below are my 7 images for the challenge! If you decide to have a go yourself be sure to let me know what you create as I'd love to see! :)

And here is the obligatory gif!

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