Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Rainy Day with Paige

A Rainy Day with Paige

Last week I made my way to London on a drizzly Wednesday to spend the afternoon taking photos with the beautiful and talented Paige Crowson! We met at Victoria station and made our way to Battersea Park to take the first set of the day! It was eerily quiet there due to the weather (and the fact that normal people have jobs at that time haha) and the whole place seemed like an abandoned communist plaza, if only every location was like that! Tourists are the bane of photoshoots from my experience. :P

After the first set we dried off in a little cafe close by and then we made our way to one of my favourite places in London, the Italian Gardens. I've shot there several times but despite it's small size I've been able to get fresh looking images each visit! The light was beginning to fade by then and the photos we took changed from a fresh and autumnal to more melancholy and dark which gave us a nice distinction between the two looks of the day! 

Below are some of the final images, you can also see them on my site at www.tomsimmonds.com/arainyday

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