Sunday, 28 September 2014

Camera Finds: The Canon AE-1 Program

Camera Finds: The Canon AE-1 Program

For this post I will be looking at the Canon AE-1 Program, this is pretty much the workhorse of my analogue photography as it's the one that I have used most often. And there is a reason for that, it's fantastic! Not only does it look great but it's durable reliable and produces excellent photos. I have a few variants of this camera but this is by far my favourite.

When I'm on a photoshoot this is the camera I'll usually use to get a different perspective. I shoot primarily with an 85mm on my main camera and the AE-1 paired with the 50mm 1.8 gives a wider view on things as well as images with a distinct feel to them.

Below are a few photos taken with the AE-1 Program:

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