Monday, 14 July 2014

Sorrowful Wife

Sorrowful Wife

Back in late May I met up with a wonderful team for a fantastic shoot in London! You can see the behind the scenes of that shoot here! The name of that post was because I thought it would end up being called something else but things change! Haha. :P But I digress! This shoot was just published on the fantastic DeFUZE magazine website as one of their featured webtorials! You can see the shoot on their website by following this link or by clicking below! :)

And below is a selection of images from the shoot! You can also view the shoot in it's entirety on my website at

Our awesome team!

Model: Madeleine Uitz @ M+P
Make-up: Irene Wang (Web)
Hair: Ronnie Woodard (FB)
Styling: Shirly Piperno
Designers/Brands: Josefine Hansson, Ella Cervjakova, Bershka, Marjan Pejoski, Dang Thuy Duong, Zara, Forever 21 and Topshop
Photography: Thomas Cole Simmonds

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