Sunday, 16 February 2014

Closet Clothing and Spot

Closet Clothing

Last month I was approached by the lovely people at Closet Clothing to shoot their Spring/Summer campaign, after finding out some more about what they were looking for I happily took the job and a few weeks later I found myself awake very early on a Thursday with a giant bag on my way to London where the shoot would be taking place.

Once I arrived in Victoria I made my way to the Notting Hill area where I would be meeting the rest of the team. Our location was the beautiful Portobello Hotel, and the room we were shooting in was apparently where Johnny Depp and Kate Moss had a bath of champagne. Of course now it will be known as the room where I took photos haha... maybe. :P

When I arrived I was introduced to the lovely team behind Closet Clothing, Ruth Elliot and Bryony Friend. The wonderful make-up artist Hannah Serjeant (Instagram). And the beautiful models Daisy and Lola from Nevs.

We were shooting for roughly 8 hours and ended up doing over 30 looks in total! Most of them based in the room but with a few around the hotel and lobby as well as outside too.

Below are a few behind the scenes shots courtesy of Ruth and Bryony. :)

And here are a couple of edits in progress as well as a back of camera preview! 

Keep an eye out for a future post with the final images in, they should be published soon! :)

As a side note, as it turns out I got the job from my profile on The Creative Book! You should definitely check out their website and magazine! :)


Almost exactly one year ago I did a beauty shoot focusing on make-up, you can see the shoot on my website here and behind the scenes here! At the time I submitted a part of the shoot to a magazine called Eccentric Edge but unfortunately the magazine went through a lot of trouble with technical issue and was put on hols for quite a while. However this week the new issue was published and you can see our images on pages 50-53. You can view the issue here or by clicking the image below! You can also purchase a copy here! :)

Model: Ola @ Leni's Models
Make-up/hair: Angela Amelia
Photographer: Thomas Cole Simmonds

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