Sunday, 26 January 2014

Shoot With Katharine

Shoot With Katharine

Over the past couple of months I had been talking with the wonderful Katharine who had traveled to England for an extended visit and as she was in Brighton I thought it would be crazy not to shoot together. Her leaving date was approaching quickly so we decided to meet up last Sunday and spend the afternoon taking photos!

As luck would have it that Sunday happened to be beautiful! The horrid wind and rain that had made the past weeks incredibly grim totally vanished, clear skies and warm sun prevailed, it felt just like spring!

I met up with Katharine at one of the squares along the seafront between Brighton and Hove. The Regency style buildings there beautiful, and I'm still desperate to shoot inside one of them! We bean to shoot around there then made out way to the seafront. Here are a couple of previews of the shoot!

Katharine originally came over from Adelaide in Australia and as it happened we were shooting at Adelaide Crescent so of course we had to get a snap of the sign, a little bit of home. :P Be sure follow Katharine on her blog (it's really good!) and Instagram! Keep an eye out in a future post for the final images as well as a few shoots that are unpublished from the end of last year! :)

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