Monday, 8 July 2013

Almost not a Shoot

Almost not a Shoot

Last weekend was the day of my 2nd shoot with the fantastic stylist Christianne Lucianne, who I worked with a few weeks ago on the Pergola shoot (see the behind the scenes blog post for that shoot here). We planned to shoot at some of the wonderful locations around Kensington Gardens in London, and as the day of the shoot not nearer the weather got better and better!

On the morning of the shoot I made my way to the station in the unbelievable heat and was full of relief that the likelihood of rain making this shoot difficult was definitely zero. However, as always there is something to bother up your plans and as the train approached Victoria station I received a call and an email, one informing me that the model couldn't make it due to illness and the other about the make-up artist being unavailable. 

A photoshoot without a make-up artist is bad enough but not having a model certainly makes it extra difficult haha. I continued to the meeting point while frantically emailing and phoning anyone I could think of to fill in at the last minute but with no luck. However, about half an hour later I got a call from the agency booker who had found another girl and that she was on her way. Hurrah! I though to myself as I sheltered from the sun behind a sign post while swilling horridly warm water. 

As Christianne arrived we decided to scout out the location before the model arrived so we would have a better idea of what we wanted, and about 45 minutes later we were shooting. Without a make-up artist but with the wonderful (and shoot saving) Lucie @ PRM and her super booker John!

Once again we got told off for shooting there by some busybody but we had just enough time to finish the first look before we had to move on. As I said on twitter at the time with angry typing fingers -There is always some power abusing kill joy twat at all the good shoot locations... and it's VERY irritating, but something you just have to put up with I suppose! We continued to shoot in another area of the park which was actually nicer than the "off limits" area. So screw you person who told us off. :D

Here is a quick back of camera preview from one of the looks as behind the scenes photo. :)

Photo by Christianne

Video by Christianne

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