Sunday, 18 November 2012

Not A Shoot, Features And The Skeleton Project Week 47

Shoot Prep

Last Sunday was meant to be the day for a big old shoot that has been in the works for quite some time, the weather was perfect and almost too hot for a coat at one point. 

Stephanie came down and we went for a bit of last minute prop shopping (as well as looking at some rather amusing Christmas jumpers) but by the time we had sorted the wardrobe and make-up we were running a bit low on time, and with bad Sunday service we didn't manage to get the shoot done. 

However we got to have a good look round the location and planned the shoot a bit more so all this means is we will end up with better images! :D While we were there we took some test shots and had a go with one of the smoke grenades I bought to see how they looked in photos, Stephanie caught the moment I almost choked to death quite nicely. :P

Because there was no wind that day the resulting cloud just sat in the middle of the park awkwardly doing nothing, as we left it was just floating over someone's house (sorry if you lived there haha).

We ended the day with pizza and will complete the shoot in the near future! Keep your eyes peeled! :D

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Also this week I was featured in the fantastic weekly magazine Amateur Photographer! I am in the Editors Choice section of the issue dated 17-11-12, page 40! :D

Models in each photos are:

1: Eleanor Froud
2: Stephnaie Linda Pause
3: Marta Wolniak

Also one of my photos from my Secret Garden shoot ( was picked to be included in this weeks Photo Battle episode of Phlearn, you can watch it here or follow this link where you can vote for your favourite image. :)

The Skeleton Project

Week 47! Usually I don't post any being the scenes stuff for the project but with this weeks photo I blocked off half my house and this meant people had to wait around while I was busy taking the photos and thus behind the scenes photos were born! :D

And the actual photo for this week. :P

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  1. i am so happy for you! it looks like your photography is blooming and popping up all over the place, and with good reason too <3 your work is amazing.

    at our photographer meetup we were talking about how lucky you guys are that you can get smoke grenades, all of us wanted to shoot something with one but we can't get them in australia! can't wait to see your final image with it :)

    1. Thank you so much Julia! You are the best! :D

      Are they illegal in Australia? Or do you just not have any suppliers?

      Hehe yeah, can't wait to do that shoot, planning around the weather this time of year is a bit of a pain though. Knowing you can shoot pretty much any time trumps smoke grenades maybe? :P

  2. Aah! Well done you..!
    I love the final image - never knew he is so tiny! Wish I am as awesome with artificial lighting. xx

    1. Thanks Ana! Haha yeah everyone says that! And as for the lighting, it's easier than it looks. :P