Monday, 2 May 2011

Last Two Shoots

I recently did a photoshoot with actress Lucy Drive, here are a few examples of what we got as we walked around Brighton. :)

Lucy Drive - Pentax Kx

Lucy Drive - Nikon EM

Lucy Drive - Nikon EM

Lucy Drive - Nikon EM

And a couple of animations...
Gif animation of Lucy Drive

Gif animation of Lucy Drive

I also got myself a new camera last week, at 5D Mark II! Very exciting, I don't have a great quality lens for it at the moment though, have to wait a couple of weeks for that. But I used it on a photoshoot the other day and it was lovely to use. Here is a little preview of my shoot with Esme Proffitt...

Gif animation made with a little video clip - Esme Proffitt

Preview in RAW - Esme Proffitt

Back of camera preview - Esme Proffitt

I have also updated my website with over 30 new photos to make sure to have a look there. And also keep and eye on my Flickr and Facebook pages for more regular updates. :)

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